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The Perfect Toaster Oven Option For 2016

Cuisinart TOB-135 toaster oven

Generally, a great toaster oven is easy to use and clean, energy conserving, spacious and that which offers even distribution of heat. A quality countertop oven can make cooking enjoyable and incredibly easy. The TOB-135 from Cuisinart is one such appliance that fits the bill on all of these.  If you love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing your family’s favorite recipes, getting one of these ovens is a great way to save time and energy without sacrificing performance.  We have one of these little wonder machines in our home and we can’t imagine cooking without it.  It is amazing how something so small could be so versatile and we understand why it is ranked as one of the top toaster ovens of 2016.  So what does the TOB-135 have to offer?

Key Features

  • 9 Presettings – You have a versatile kitchen equipment if you add the TOB-135 in your kitchen. The warm, defrost and reheat functions top the list. This makes your cooking job worryingly easy. Additionally, the digital controls on the oven advance the versatility. The toaster has a large blue backlit display, the LED buttons and an electronic dial that enable you to choose easily between the available cooking functions such as; reheat, defrost, warm, broil, bagel, toast or bake.
  • Effective Convection Fan– this enables you to cooks evenly and faster than you can do with other brands available in the market. If you are sick and tired of having burnt or plain white toasts, this is your time to solve the problem. This means that the even technology helps you to toast your slices perfectly and with the correct shade distribution as selected by you. So, no more whites or burnt slices.
  • Automatic Shutoff– The TOB-135 has an awesome 2-hour timer. There is even a preheat ready signal heightens the caution against overheating that may lead to burning of your food. You do not need to worry about putting it off either since it is automatically put off when cooking time is over hence safer toasting and broiling.
  • Spacious Capacity-The toaster oven is of a standard size and there is not much to worry about the capacity. This space can fit six slices of bread or that 12-inch pizza you like baking. More space gives enough reason for you to enjoy your baking, broiling or toasting.
  • Easy To Clean Interior-The interior of the oven is not hardest part to clean as you only have to make simple adjustments and your work is incredibly simple. You slide out the crumb tray that includes the baking tray and clean it easily. The fact that the contents do not stick on the brushed stainless steel interior provides more relief.

Pros of the TOB-135

· The toaster is easy to clean due to the stainless steel and nonstick interior design. This gives you an incredibly easy time to prepare food safely.

· It has an awesome control panel in the sense that for every cooking mode, there are LED buttons lit in the background. Therefore, you can easily note the current cooking mode from a distance.

· It allows for even cooking. This goes down to the Always Even and Exact Heat technologies that promote even distribution of heat for both cooking and toasting bread.

· The convention fan is so quiet making the toaster free from excessive noise.


· Some users noted that it may be difficult to read clearly from the blue back lit display if they are away from the toaster.

· The door handle is so close to the glass and it requires extreme levels of care to avoid burns in case the oven is still on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if my Cuisinart TOB-135 toaster is not working as expected or it gets damaged shortly after purchase?

You can take your toaster back to the seller for repair or replacement. This is because there is a 3-year warranty that guarantees that you don’t get faulty toaster ovens.

I fear that I may waste a lot of energy in preheating, can that happen with the Cuisinart TOB-135?

There is absolutely no reason to worry about preheating. The toaster takes just 2 to 3 minutes to heat up to temperatures as high as 450 degrees. This makes it eco-friendly and preferable to other similar ovens.

Final Verdict

This Cuisinart small oven ticks all the boxes and has very high scores from owners who have used it on a regular basis. A detailed review of the TOB-135 hits on many aspects of this oven that users really love as well as what could be improved.  It is a great addition to your kitchen that can help you toast, broil and bake with supreme ease. It is also a pretty budget friendly option for those looking to save a little money.

The Omega J8006 Is A Classic Juicer For Modern Kitchens

omega-j8006-contentIf you love juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, and you’re in the market for a new juicer that can help you get the job done efficiently, then you should consider masticating juicers. They are equipped with an auger which helps them to break down different foods more thoroughly than centrifugal juicers. They take a bit longer to crash foods, but that slow process is very effective in preserving maximum amount of essential nutrients and enzymes from leafy greens and other foods.

One of the top masticating juicers you can buy is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer. It has been around for a few years, but it is still a best seller that continues to rank high with users and get impressive scores. If you have been reading current vegetable juicer reviews you would have seen that the J8006 is still regarded as one of the best juice extractors for the money.

This quiet juicer outperforms other more expensive masticating juicers in delivering high-quality juice from fruits and vegetables without destroying their flavor or nutrients. It’s powerful enough to handle a wide variety of veggies from spinach, carrots to wheatgrass and kale. It’s also very versatile, and can be used to grind coffee, make pasta, nut butters, as well as mince herbs and spices. And that’s not all: it comes with a 15-year warranty -the longest warranty I have seen to date. Find out more about this Omega juicer in this comprehensive review.

Features of the J8006

Even though it may not be the latest generation juicer, it still has a lot of features that keep it relevant for a quality juicing experience. Some of what this workhorse offers includes:

Low 80 RPM speed

While most juicers have speeds of between 1650 and 15,000 rpm, Omega J8006 Juicer extracts juice at a speed of just 80 rpm. This allows it to squeeze fresh produce instead of grinding them, which helps to preserve healthy nutrients and enzymes, and maintain the natural taste and pure color of the juice. The slow speed also reduces heat build-up, clogging, foaming and oxidation, allowing your juice to stay for up to 72 hours without degrading.

8x More Auger Strength

The juicer comes with a GE Ultem Auger that’s 8x stronger than most plastics, as well as a powerful 2HP motor which enables you to extract juice from various fruits and vegetables effortlessly.

Dual-Stage Processing System

This innovative system enables the juicer to extract maximum amount of juice from your fresh produce. The juice is first extracted by crushing the fruits and vegetables. After that, the pulp is squeezed before being ejected during the second stage. As a result, you get more juice and a very dry pulp. Note that this juicer has an automatic pulp ejection, which allows for continuous juicing.

Versatile Masticating Juicer

The juicer allows you to do more than just juicing. You can use it to mince herbs and spices, grind coffee, make baby food, make nut butter from nuts, extrude pasta, whip up soy milk and so much more.

Sturdy Construction

It’s made using stainless steel; hence it’s strong and durable. In addition, it has a rubber tipped feet that’s also very sturdy and stable. The stainless steel gives the juicer a modern and attractive look, so you can be sure that it will look good in your kitchen.

Very Long Warranty

Omega 8006 Juicer comes with a 15-year warranty on the motor, which shows you just how durable this machine is. In fact some users have reported that they have had this juicer for 10+ years, and it’s still working well.


Omega 8006 juicing featuresExtremely Efficient – The powerful motor of this unit allows it to extract juice from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables with ease. You’ll can juice with it for several hours at a time, and it will not slow down or heat up.

Produces More, Quality Juice – The dual-stage processing system enables the juicer to extract high juicer yields, while its slow speed preserves essential nutrients and natural taste and color of the juice.

Easy To Use, Clean and Assemble – This is another reason why people love this juicer. It is extremely easy to use and assemble. You can also clean up all its components (feed chute, blade, auger and collection bin) easily either manually, or by placing them on the top rack of your dishwasher. Do the cleaning immediately after juicing, and use hot water for best results.

Quiet Operation – It operates more quietly compared to other masticating juicers. But, expect to hear some noise, which you can mitigate by putting the juicer on a towel.

Versatile – Besides extracting juice, you can use it to make nut butter, baby food, pasta and so much more.


The feeding tube is a bit small, so you have to cut your produce into smaller pieces before juicing them. This increases the preparation time, but it’s a small price to pay for enjoying fresh, nutritious and healthy juice whenever you want.

If you’re looking for an efficient, user-friendly and durable juicer that can handle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables effortlessly, then you should give Omega J8006 Juicer a try.

The Kitchen Food Processor From The Future

Modern food processors

If you have ever watched the Jetsons cartoon and wondered when some of that cool futuristic technology would finally make an appearance, then you are in luck. No, there are no flying vehicles or dwellings above the clouds at the moment. You will just have to settle for a sleek designed food processor in your kitchen for the time being. It may not seem like much, but the Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL is indeed impressive for its size. Breville takes pride in creating some of the more technologically advanced small kitchen appliances, and their entry in the food processor arena is no different. If you are serious about what you cook and you want to maximize your efforts in the kitchen then this is one tool you should add to your arsenal.

We have used the BFP800XL in our own home, but we also examined its results in many online kitchen food processor reviews to see how other owners have rated this small appliance, and the results are almost unanimous. Customer scores are super high despite how expensive this food processor is compared to other brands. So which features make the Breville Sous Chef stand apart from the crowd?

Breville BFP800XL Highlights


The BFP800XL comes with two work bowls; one large bowl (3.8l) and a mini processing bowl that is a 2.5 cup. The large processing bowl allows you to blend up large serving while the small one can be used for small jobs like mincing garlic or parsley. You might have noted that many food processes bowls usually has a hole in the bottom center, but not this one: it is completely sealed to prevent leaks when processing a lot of ingredients. The small has to be inside the large one in order for it to work, but it does has its own S blade, and unlike the large one, it not sealed because, you aren’t going to use it for large servings.


It has a 1200 watt induction motor. One great thing about induction motors is that they are simple and rugged in construction, and hence they tend to last for a long time. That’s why this unit comes with a 25 years warranty. The induction motor also makes this machine very powerful and when you press the pause or the on button the food are chopped or shred in a matter of a second. You will be amazed at how this unit works and how efficient it is, and if you have been using a small processor for a while, you might begin to use the pause button, and use one item at a time, until you learn how fast it works.


One of the greatest features of this food processor is the wide selection of blades that are all made from stainless steel for numerous prep options. All the blades and disc are housed in a nice, convenient accessory storage. There are three blades which include Micro-serrated S blade, the mini processing blade and the dough blade. You will also get five multi-functional discs, each of which is safe to handle, they have a flash design to ensure you do not get cut, but be careful . With the disc, you can be able to control the thickness of the ingredients that you are processing, thanks to the adjustment settings on the slicing disc.

Control and Safety Feature

The Breville BFP800XL r features a control panel with three stylish round buttons and an LCD with an auto timer. You can use the auto timer to set your desired time for processing, and it will stop processing as soon as the set time is reached. You will also notice that this unit is secure in all aspect: the bowls are BPA free, the lid and the food pushers have a safety lock mechanism that prevent the motor from turning if you do not lock everything in place. A cleaning brush is also included for safe cleaning of the blades and the disc.

Wider Feed Chute

The size of feed chute is super wide, (5.5 inches) to allow you to slice, chop or shred any ingredient without having to cut it first. You can put a large potato and a whole zucchini or whatever you need to cut without any worry. Along with the feed tube is a small pusher that is great for small produce like carrot and you can use it as a measuring cup if you aren’t using in your processing.

User Ratings

Breville products have generally are some of the most wished for and highly rated appliances on the market. When it comes to the Breville BFP800XL food processor, many reviews show that this is an excellent choice because of it is robust, efficient, sturdy, well built, smooth running, quiet, and easy to operate. If you are looking for a high end food processor to handle your baby food needs, then this may be just what you are looking for.